No sun for us. We’ve had a busy summer.

It’s been a while since we added some new work to our site, which is a shame, but we’re snowed under at the moment so the chances of getting anything online soon are slim. Of course being busy is good, and we’re delighted to be so. So here’s a quick overview of the last couple of months here at Graphic Clinic.

We completed a set of album, single and promo designs for 100% Records artist Matisyahu for the UK release of his US hit album “Light” in May.

In June we produced a gorgeous DVD cover design for Naomi Campbell in gold and silver to celebrate her 40th birthday celebrations.

July saw us working on the development of our own iPad application – more news will follow soon we hope. We also finalised some logo designs for The Remedi, a designer clothing e-commerce site, and helped them implement the new ‘branding’ into their online shop. We also revamped our client Goldrealm Properties website for Coodham Estate in Ayrshire, a stunning redevelopment of a stately home, and we’ve continued to deliver ongoing design and marketing support for our more regular clients in the financial sector.

Nucleus, for whom we created their brand over 4 years ago, hit a major milestone in their business aims by reaching a massive £1.5bn + of assets under management on their WRAP platform. A figure that means the business is now profitable, which for a financial services start-up is rather impressive, and we’re delighted to have played a part in their success.

We also started working for Easy Gourmet, an established ‘high end’ catering and events company based in East London. More new to follow once we finalise their brand strategy and get a new identity developed.

And that’s not all. We’re putting the finishing touches on an ad campaign for a major pop groups’ new business venture and will be helping the further development a new sports management system with Rocket Sports. All very exciting.

Phew. Now, back to work!

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