Since we started in 2005 the aim has been to help SMEs access all the skills, creativity and strategic thinking that is available at large multi-discipline agencies at a price they can afford. Our experience working at some of the biggest agencies, with clients such as Ellesse International, HBoS, Drambuie, Baxters and more means we can think big but charge small. Our overheads don’t involve great big expensive offices, nor an expansive team of support staff and project managers. At Graphic Clinic our designers deal directly with the client and that means not only do they get feedback directly from the horse’s mouth (as they saying goes) and so creating a better result for the client, but we can pass on the reduced staffing costs directly to you. After all, a big agency simply hands a project over to a small team within their organisation. So why pay more than you have to? Why not work with an affordable team that will, through clear strategic thought, ensure your company and product can – and will – punch above its weight.

In the 6 years we’ve been trading we have helped many businesses make a true impact in their industries through a clearly planned brand framework that then becomes the foundation for all their marketing activity, from identity creation through tone of voice to websites and offline marketing materials.