A-Z Learning letters

Back in 2010 our Creative Director Brian become a father and he was in immersed in a previously unexplored world of kids design. Bright. Big. Colourful. Saccharine soaked. With more than a healthy dose of every (decent) designers arch nemesis…Comic Sans.

Something had to be done. As his child grew and they started tackling letters and numbers it became clear that, when it then came to reading properly printed documents and publications, his offspring missed what some key letters were because they’re just not used in kids learning.

The alternative “a” for example. The Bauhaus font’s singular line characters, which once caught the little one out. Something needed to be created to fill the gap.

So we popped our heads together and came up with the following learning pack for kids “A-Z Learning letters with grown-ups typefaces”.

a-z-cards-01-web  a-z-cards-03-web a-z-cards-04-weba-z-cards-02-web