Closed by Covid-19

It is with huge sadness that we learned that our client Rough Runner were forced to close their doors because of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020.

Prior to the start of their 2020 season all mass sporting events were stopped by the UK Government, which led to a raft of cancellations for some participants, and deferring everyone else into 2021. The team—that we worked with so closely to create the proposition and brand—were furloughed to try and save the business, but the second wave of infections and continuing lockdowns meant that there was too much uncertainty. And we are gutted that they’ve had to close their doors for good.

The team at Rough Runner were great people, they had families and homes, and we hope that they can all find something very soon. If you know anyone in events or construction that need some truly creative people, not afraid to work through the night to deliver, reach out to them through LinkedIn (just search for Rough Runner as a company).

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