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We are thrilled to have designed the cover of the October edition of The Bath Magazine, which showcases the creative genius that exists within the historic walls of Bath today and how it means big business for our city. You can pick up a copy now from the Bath branches of Waitrose, Starbucks and Pret a Manger, and M&S Café plus many other locations in and around Bath.

Hannah Sturgeon turns the spotlight on the creative digital industry here in Bath, which brings in around £183m to the city. You can read the full report, including an interview with our very own Brian Copeland here.

Plus, here is a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the story behind the cover, as featured within the article:

Graphic Clinic, which is based in the heart of Bath in offices at Bartlett Street, believes that design works best when it creates a clear dialogue between brand and customer.

It is run by Brian Copeland, who says: “By knowing who the audience and client are we can actively engage with them. We’re repsonsive to the demands of clients; experienced at listening and understanding their goals and their customers’ needs; and identifying the best solutions to ensure those are met and built upon. We believe all businesses should have access to strategic creative thinking, not just those with the deepest pockets. Which is why we offer our clients brand strategy, management and delivery at an affordable price.

“We have the experience to tailor creative solutions across any channel and actively thrive on working in all of them. From high street banks and international drinks labels to local SMEs, we are adept at giving businesses more than just graphic design.”

Graphic Clinic was founded nine years ago. It has a wide ranging remit, from designing logos and posters to working alongside PR firms on campaigns and to enhance businesses’ search engine optimisation (SEO). The studio has also designed book covers and, of course, worked alongside The Bath Magazine to come up with graphics to illustrate the powerful and largely invisible engine of creativity that lies in the heart of Bath.

This engine of creativity is fed by many sources, with collaborations and partnerships from businesses ranging from one-person outfits working out of their homes, to really big organisations. As you can see from Brian’s two designs – on our cover and on the previous page – creative Bath is fuelled by talent from all kinds of places, including our respected two universities, the museums and galleries, festival makers, programmers and designers.


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