Picking even sides is a hassle no longer

It’s no secret that I love my football, but every week we have the same dilemma on a Monday night. Working out who is coming is a doddle thanks to RocketSports, but picking the teams is always a headache. If you have even sides, it’s usually a bit easier, but when it’s odd numbers the problems are increased. Who to side with whom?

Luckily technology can help us with that problem and we’re super excited to be working with Keiran from IntoHand in Bath to develop a prototype Team Picking app for iOS and Android. Current offerings are hideously ugly and unbelievably bad to use – as if the people making them have never hear of UX or UI design.

Below are sample screenshots of what we hope to launch in the January.

The Load screen:

01 Intro and load

Your team screen, say who’s there and rate each player on your team:

02 selection screen

Pick those sides – a nice BIG button!

03 selection screen complete

Adding a player is a simple tap or two:

04 adding a new player

Edit your squad easily:

05 editing squad

Voila! Your teams, picked based on your ratings. Get your ratings right and you’ll never have an uneven game again. It’ll work for any sport or occasion.

06 Picked teams

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