Graphic Clinic and Original Designers Workbook iPhone 5 wallpapers

For the last year or so I have stuck rigidly to a really nice iPhone 4 skin produced by the guys at Effektive in Glasgow. I liked the dark grey one.

Today I upgraded to an iPhone 5 and they’ve not yet created a new grid, so here’s my homage to their initial idea. Pantone’s have been turned into hex colours using this site. They use the Graphic Clinic Pantone’s of 427 and 485 plus – because I really prefer the dark grey one Effektive did – Pantone 433.

I thought I’d share them. You’re free to download them and use them. If you do I’d appreciate a tweet to let me know @GraphicClinic. Thanks.

I’m happy to do a specific Pantone version, should you wish. Requests on Twitter to @GraphicClinic.

Graphic Clinic iPhone 5 Pantone 427 wallpaperGraphic Clinic iPhone 5 Pantone 485 wallpaperGraphic Clinic iPhone 5 Pantone 433 wallpaperOriginal Designers Workbook iPhone wallpaper Pantone 433Original Designers Workbook Pantone 2925 iPhone wallpaper

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