Another LongLunch

I don’t mention it often on this site, in fact, I’m struggling to think of ever mentioning it, that I am a founding member of LongLunch. LongLunch is me and a few design chums that give up our spare time to arrange lectures (more like informal talks) by prominent graphic designers in either Scotland or London. Over the years we’ve hosted some of the biggest names in design, such as Peter Saville, Tomato, Airside, Bibliothèque and so many more. Full details of all our speakers can be found on the LongLunch website.

There are currently 4 of us as ‘directors’ of LongLunch, myself, Andrew Neely, Rufus Spiller and Andrew Massey. We all used to live and work in Scotland, but now Andy M and myself have moved away but we still get involved to help out the design community where we started our careers.

Our next talk is from the current European Design Agency of the Year, Dutch consultancy LAVA. The talk is on the 5th May at the Glasgow School of Arts Mackintosh lecture theatre and tickets are on sale now via the LongLunch website.

We’re hoping to host them in London later in the year, along with a talk from designer-of-the-moment Michael C. Place (Build), though we’ve yet to agree dates and details with him.

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