We don’t pitch, but why?

Here at Graphic Clinic we rarely pitch for work, in fact we’ve only done it once. More often than not we get recommended to our clients, we meet, we chat, we get to know each other, and we deliver results driven design that works for them. But there is also a commercial reason for it not pitching for work. We just don’t have the time. Plain and simple, we just don’t have the time to. We’re so busy making sure we give our existing clients a damn good creative service that if we were distracted by pitching speculatively for new work our existing clients might suffer—and we don’t want that. We’re quite sure that they won’t fancy that idea either.

“…But what if…?” I hear you say. Well if you would like to use us to design you a new website, or a brochure, or an exhibition, and you’re running a pitch for that project ask yourself a couple of key questions. Do I like what they’ve done? Do I want to talk to them? and will my pitch really give me ‘value for money’?

One day, shortly after you choose the winning agency from those who tendered, you’ll call them up looking to discuss your project and they’ll be too busy to talk to you. Why? Well they’re probably pitching for some new business.

It seems the Belgians feel the same as we found this on Twitter this week, compelling us to put our views online too. “Belgian advertising is offline this week http://www.saatchi.be” * This has now been taken offline so don’t click on the link*

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